Kansas Farm Bureau is proud to introduce the Kansas FFA Discussion Meet

The FFA Discussion Meet is an event designed to stimulate logical thinking, develop skills in communication and problem solving and engage FFA members in solutions for important topics of today\'s agriculture industry. The competition will bring 4-6 FFA members to the table at a time to discuss an assigned topic for 15 minutes. Participants are scored and ranked on their ability to introduce the topic, analyze the problem, identify solutions, think critically, engage others effectively and summarize the discussion accurately. Topics will change each year, but will focus on issues in crops, livestock, natural resources, ag education and FFA.

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A New Lens

Last week, I attended National Convention for the fourth year running. Since my very first visit, I have always been energized by the experience, met plenty of truly amazing people, and left feeling excited about the year ahead. The same could be said about many FFA conferences and journeys, but this year, my National Convention was different. It's not just the fact that the host city had switched from Louisville, KY, to Indianapolis, IN. It's more than having to travel with people other than my home chapter for the first time. Think about putting on glasses for the first time when...  [Read More...]

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